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  1. I am a day trader and use a separate charting services that shows me fast daytrades. I am also with Interactive Brokers. I have used much faster entry systems such as directed trading with Fidelity Active Trader Pro.

    But I am now stuck with IB mainly because of the low margin rates and maintainance requirement. I am carrying some long term stocks and day trading off margin.

    My problem is that the 3 step entry with scrolling to get a new ticker symbol line and then having to scrolling around to bring up the level 2 and more scrolling to get a trading ticket line up before I can even fill out the order. I lose a few seconds and that costs me half the play before a breakout reverses.

    I have looked at your system and Ninja. ZeroLine for IB on the software voting section. My question is: For either or both of these. If I use your front end for IB once installed, can I enter new tickers in fewer strokes and have have the realtime L2 come in at the same time. In other words ticker entry and all comes up so all I would need to do is put in the share number and order type?

  2. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    I suggest you try IB's "rapid order entry" or "book trader".
  3. Do not ask. Try each platform out.

    If the design principle of the application match what you wanted to do, it will help a lot.
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    With ZeroLine Trader, you can just type in the string "IBM-STK-SMART-USD" in the an empty cell of Instrument colume in the ZLT main window. Then immediately, you can trade the stock "IBM" in the main window. Or just right click on the data row, select "DOM" to trade through the DOM interface.

    To trade any other stocks rapidly, just type in another string. The syntax of the string is Symbol-SecType-Exchange-Currency.

    See release notes for more information

  5. Beebers


    I use IB's rapid order entry via book trader for trading the SP eminis. It didn't take long to program it but I did have to learn to use it. I use entry via one mouseclick for limit orders or the F-keys because I can glue color coded paper above them, each key for a different strategy, e.g. breakout trade, scalp trade, plain market entry - all with stops attached, some as a bracket order.
    I also have a Cancel all buttons. Work very fast, like one second from cancelling a scale in entry order to entering via market order with stop attached and being filled.
  6. Can anyone be so kind to tell me what front-end application is the best to work with IB TWS using a mac?

    I checked Zeroline trader but Im not sure mac would support the software...
  7. Anybody?....please?