Need to recover data from a drive that lost it's partition

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  1. cashonly

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    I'm using Windows XP

    I have a drive that one day made some clicking noise.

    After I rebooted, it stopped clicking. It also stopped showing up in My Computer. In fact it doesn't even show up in the Computer Management Section of the Administrator's Tools. However, the BIOS does recognize it.

    Now, the info on the drive is not absolutely critical, and can probably be reproduced with a LOT of effort. But, it's not worth sending it to a company which would charge me $500 at a minimum.

    So, is there any software that can do data recovery and allow me to get those files?
  2. it sounds like it has stopped running. if that case you cant get the data. you could try taking it out and banging it on the floor to see if you can get it running one more time. then plug it in as a slave on another computer and extract the data.
    funny thing about backing up. it seems like a waste of time until we need it.
  3. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    I know it is running. I found a program that seems to be able to access it called r-studio. But it hasn't found any data yet. At the rate it's going, it's going to take many days to go thru the entire drive.
  4. if its running put in another computer as the slave drive and look in it. if the data is there you should be able to see it.
  5. CyrusJ


    Take the drive out now! You're only chance with a clicking drive is to send it to a pro.
  6. hcour

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    The "Recover My Files" program worked for me when I accidently deleted a partition.

  7. erikdean


    Put it in another computer in slave mode. Then use "Easy Recovery". It is software by Ontrack. It works great

  8. WD40


    I bet it is a Maxtor.
  9. Bsulli


    Yup, seen that many times with Maxtors. Clicking is their favorite form of death.

  10. Magna

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    Maxtors, Western Digitals, Seagates, I've had them all do the infamous "clicking" close to the time of death (I wish it were limited to only one company). Anyway, the finest software for data recovery that I have seen has been around since the days of DOS, and is written in pure assembly by the brilliant programmer Steve Gibson. It's called SpinRite and you can take a looksee here:
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