Need To Order Trading Jacket

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trader5287, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. For Christmas gift. Maybe one of those yellow sceamers like the Merq. Any suggestions.


  2. Perhaps something similar to mine :

  3. nitro



    nitro :D
  4. Mr. subs does have jokes :D
  5. bobcathy1

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    Hey....we use a real straight jacket as our ship's flag......Our boat is called The BoobyHatch.....the jacket came from a mental institution in NY State......
    No, I wasn't a patient!
  6. mr sub, i like the way your jacket straps at the waist - makes your shoulders look wider.

    where can i have one fitted...:)
  7. bobcathy1

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    I think those jackets are custom made.
    What you need to do is go to a seamstress and see if she can make you one up in a screaming color fabric.