Need to move Series 7 or I lose it

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by riskymove, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. If anyone has the capacity (as a firm), I would pay to move my Series 7 so that I don't lose it. I left the firm I was with two years ago in July and as such, my license will expire end of month. I am not really sure what to do but I would rather not lose it and its worth some $ to me if I could transfer it somewhere.

    Totally clean U4 if anyone truly interested. PM if you would consider. Thanks.
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    i don't have solution for you, only a comment:

    definitely find a place to hang it. i was in teh same situation many years ago and had a hard time finding a place (never thought of a prop firm, unfortunately. that, and mine was more complicated as i was an RIA managing client $ 2/20. anyway, i just gave up and, thus, gave up my 7,24 and a few others.

    your situation is easier, not being an RIA. you're really cutting it close, as firms don't move in a day. even if you have to trade prop for a couple months, i'd take that over losing your licenses (you'll lose your 63 too).

    so, basically a kinda worthless reply, but i thought i'd chime in, as you'll end up regretting it if you let the hassle stop you.

    one thing: i really think prop is your best bet. finding a random firm willing to let you 'hang your license' was a dead end street for me. don't blame them, compliance officers have nothing t gain and plenty to lose in their minds. i tried the 'i'll pay you jsut to hang it' angle too- makes it even more scary for them!

    gl. if you find a solution, you should post back to the thread, as i'm sure many find themselves in same position.
  3. use it or lose it...


    Chicago Stock Exchange considers having had a series 7 as still having one, without this artificial two year expiry on the back end.

    there are prop shops out there that register their brokers through the Chicago exchange, and you will pay to belong, but will still have your licenses, just make sure they pick up all of them, not just the 7.

    when you go back in, make sure they understand that the CRD is held at the CSE, not the NASD, else they will bounce your application as there are just too many idiots out there that screen potential resumes for any comma out of place (recent NY Times article (3 pages in length, over 2 articles) on the miseries of job interviews in this economy), and if they can't find name in their first search of the database then they presume you're lying.

    I have heard too many experiences lately, and you may be better off planning on getting those licenses again in the future, after they lapse.

    Also, did you read that new book advertised in the WSJ and NY Times on how Wall St is changing?, it may be worth your while.

    share your comments from that book, here also...