Need to lose 20lbs in 6 weeks...

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  1. I was going to just chop off my cock, but figured I'd need it in the future...

    Any ideas???
  2. quit eating so much and exercise?
  3. The Lemon Cleanse.......look it up.

    ....or you can go to US Army Ranger school.......I went from 210 (at 6' 2") to 168 from day one of training until I graduated..... :eek:

    I looked like a refugee when I was done with that training (mid 80's) I am back to 215! :D
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    What does this have to do with trading?

    Eliminate alcohol, bread, pasta, and most carbs, and you will lose weight. That means no more 6 packs of beer and bags of Doritos!
  5. Buy a bike and ride to/from work or hit the elliptical twice a day, drop booze/drugs/energy drinks/sweets/sodas/caffeine/fats, have sex at least once a day (sustained minimum 30 minutes), drink two gallons of water per day, eat 5 small meals per day instead of two or three, skip no meals, buy a 55 gallon drum of Jiffy-pop, tell those around you that you will be a bitch/bastard for the next six weeks and you apologize in advance, no TV or internet unless youre on a treadmill.

    Worked for me. 89 pounds gone in 21 weeks. Healthy as a horse. Six years ago. It's still gone. If you lose weight without exercise, you will have enough extra skin for the new you and the old you.

    My motivation? Two women, lonnnnnnnnnng story... ;)
  6. That's like telling you to just trade better and stop making losing trades.
  7. wow..amazing...
    my motivation is more vanity than anything else...Got a big appointment coming up...
    What meals did you eat? Were you cointing calories?
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    Chop off your fat ass?

    You're not going to need that are you?

  9. I have a great ass...
    I have to get rid of the fucking tits!
  10. No calorie counting, but you must decide in advance what you will eat and how much, then you must have three outlets for emotions. Usually, other people aren't good outlets, but some people love to serve as dartboards for you. Try finding activities you can do alone, where nobody can hear you or see you ventilate. This is required. No, you cannot keep it all inside. You will be forcing your body to lose fat faster than it ever gained it, so it will be bitching to you constantly.

    I ate small meals of regular foods. No fast food, no high sodium and no added sugar forms (dextrose, high-fructose corn syrup, etc). One cheat meal per month, same portions... I had a cheeseburger with fries and ice cream.

    I tried Atkins but dropped it because I love bread. I tried the veggies-and-fruits only diet, but had no energy... I still have to work ya know. Eat what you want but in small amounts and you must exercise daily and vigorously. If you have bad knees or something else preventing regular exercise, my plan won't work. If you are overweight now, start slowly with the exercise but hit the food changes immediately. Take bulk fiber. If you are obese, get a Doctor's ok first.

    If you want a bike instead of the elliptical, and live where roads freeze up, stick to the elliptical... not being able to ride due to ice will depress you.
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