Need to install a SATA drive, but have no floppy drive... grrr

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by JMowery1987, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Ok, so I just purchased a 250 gig Western Digital SATA drive OEM from, and it got here, but I found out that I need to install SATA drivers.

    Problem is, I need to boot from the Windows XP CD to do that, and when I do, it says I need a floppy drive with the drivers on it.

    I have a cd with the drivers on it, but have no access to a floppy drive. Surely someone has to have a way to install SATA drivers without using a floppy.

    Why can't you install the SATA drivers from within Windows XP?

    It's just driving me nuts.

    On a lighter note, the DVD drive I purchased along with it works great.

    But dangit, I need to get this drive to work. Someone help!!! :p

    Oh btw:
    I'm running an Asus A7n8X-E Deluxe mobo.
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    I ran into the same problem on my previous system about a yr ago. I was like, "Is this thing asking for a floppy? WTF? Did I just time-warp back to 1998? Do they even make floppies anymore? Is this some kind of glitch?'

    Anyway, if nothing else, I bet one of your friends has an old fd sitting around somewhere gathering dust. Or you could buy a used one for about a buck and a quarter.

  3. Uggggggggh.

    I buy new technology, only to end up having to resort to some forms of the oldest technology, floppies being quite old.

    So here is what I'm doing.

    I'm figuring it will be another week or so until I'm set up at this firm, so I'm just going to install Windows Vista and screw around with that. Plus I believe it said you can load drivers from a cd with vista. Then while I'm running Vista, i'll compile a new Windows XP cd that has the drivers included on it like that website suggested.

    Still drives me nuts that I throw away my floppy drive almost a month ago since I hadn't used it in at least 2 1/2 years and NOW i need it!

    Why do we got plug & play monitors, webcams, printers, but have yet to figure out hard drives. Technology is wonderful, and annoying at the same time.
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    The Asus mother board should have a cd, there will be an option to install sata drivers on it. Try the asus web site for drivers if you don't have the cd.
    There are apparently a plethora of problems with the vista beta.
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    Oh, whoops. I didn't even notice you had the ASUS mb. That's what I've got in my new system and I had no trouble installing 2 SATA drives. It's a great mb.