Need to contact Commodities Options Sellers ONLY

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  1. Hi I live in Vancouver have been doing Options Selling for Commodities ONLY for 2 years and I am looking for individuals with same interests to exchange ideas pointers and experiences
  2. We had some of them guys in America not long ago. They went bust BIG time. (Were loaded in natgas calls they's sold just before the market spiked.) Was in all the papers.
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  4. for over a decade i worked for one of the largest option sellers in the world. would love to talk about it, but fear the thread will become a battle ground of amateurs struggling for recognition as always here on et.
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    Dude, stop. You're completely and irretrievably FOS. You live in a hovel in TX.
  6. Mark how can we contact each other
  7. agree not in that level I knew them and about them Just having some reasonable inventions with a 74% NLV increase in 16months this for your support
  8. You must be young... apparently eschewing punctuation.

    Did you ever hear, "punctuation is the difference between helping your uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack-off a horse"?
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    lol yes, throw your money away!
  10. Did u ever heard about staying in the subject and be a positive supportive person
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