Need to be happy to trade well

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    I find that having someone to talk to and share the ups and downs of trading is a great idea. Because unless you're around other traders, like in Chicago or New York, trading can get pretty lonely and mistakes can seem bigger then they really are and then that can start us down a slippery path.

    Remember, we all make mistakes that's how traders make money in a sense. So, don't get down on yourself becuase I believe that trading is 99% mental and 1% technique and by sharing your frustrations you will grow as a trader.

    Good luck.....RAE
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  2. I like to be neither happy nor unhappy. Trading is unemotional to me. I try to find a lot of other things in life to make me happy (family, friends, running, other hobbies). But when it comes to trading, I am detached from it.

    Helps for some people, maybe not everyone
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    So, are you saying when you make a killing your not happy...or when you didn't follow your rules you're not upset....I hear people often say they are not emotional when they trade or you shouldn't be emotional when you trade ....I don't understand that....

    I mean when you take a position are you just like a robot

    Or better yet, what drives you to trade...desire for more money, or freedom..or the challenge of the those desires not come from an emotional place?

    There is a book, "Enhancing Trader Performance," by Brett N. Steenbarger...on page 2 of chapter one there is a section...'the tale of two traders.' I think this speaks to the point of emotions and trading.

    I'm not trying to be right here, but I think that there are a lot of traders that think because they are emotional that makes them bad traders...couldn't disagree more...

    I equate being a trader to that of a combat I know you can't get shot trading but you can go broke....and I don't think combat soldiers are unemotional, but rather they manage their emotions...just a different perspective

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