Need technical #'s for S&P 500

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by akim119, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. akim119


    Hey guys, I'm looking for a free webiste or tool that will give me daily techincal numbers for the S&P 500 index furtures. The pivot, support, resistance numbers helps me alot when I trade. I was using the website to get the numbers every morning, but lately they have not been updating the numbers...hmmm...can anyone help? Thanks alot!
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    We e-mail the daily numbers. Moving Averages, Support/Resist, Fib numbers, and Volitility. S&P/Nasdaq. Free
    e-mail at if you'd like them.

  4. akim - it's not free, but I routinely find the support/resistance this software computes much more accurate than ordinary pivots - but if you're determined to still use pivots, you can compute them yourself in a spreadsheet or calculator:

    (P) = (H + L + C)/3
    (R1) = 2P - L
    (S1) = 2P - H
    (R2) = P - S1 + R1
    (S2) = P - R2 - S1
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  5. ArchAngel

    I use the same formulas you use, but R2=P+H-L and S2=P-H+L

    Am I right?
  6. So, S2=P - R2 - S1 =P-(P - S1 + R1)-S1=P-P+S1-R1-S1=-R1.
    Nonsense, S2 is a negative number, if R1 is a positive number, which it obviously is!
  7. ArchAngel,
    I think S2 = P - R1 + S1.
    Pls double-check me.

    It looks like your derivation is correct.
  8. If you use basic algebra, you can answer this question yourself. Your formula for R2 agrees with his formula for R2, his formula for S2 is wrong as I just pointed out. I believe your formula for S2 is correct, but did not verify it, it just looks like that.
  9. Oops, sorry, I copied the formulas from a website for expediency and didn't check them (personally don't use pivots because they're wrong so often).

    Looks like their formulas should have had parenthesis:

    R2 = (P - S1) + R1 which for simplicity is P + (H - L)
    S2 = P - (R1 - S1) also for simplicity is P - (H - L)
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    Here's a free calculator akim.

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