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    I have been trading on an name brand computer with one monitor and I need to change that very soon. The computer I have cant handle multiple monitors so I need to get a new computer. I want something that will handle three or four monitors but I don't want to spend more than I need to. Not trying to be cheap just want to buy whats needed and nothing more. I can either buy a built one from place like Dell or I have found someone who can build me one locally and they come highly recommended. My question is what would you say would be a good basic configuration to run 3-4 monitors? Such as the processor, amount of ram (some people have told me I need 200meg for each monitor) and so forth. If this is took big of a request then please forgive my intrusion.
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    Why do you need a new computer? A multimonitor card. i.e., should do it.
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    Right, you shouldn't need a new computer just a graphics card that supports more than one monitor.

    But if you're looking to get a new computer anyway, I would suggest Dell or Gateway because you get to customize it the way you want - everything you need nothing you don't. You have to get a pentium, not celeron too. 500 Ram would be nice, a little less is okay. Depending on how many programs you run at once, the more programs running once the more RAM you'll need. MHz... anything above 1g should be fine. As for the monitors, I think flat screens are generally three time the price of a CRT, so keep that in mind. Most importantly, make sure you talk to your sales guy and ask a lot of questions.
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    Oh -

    Either way you'll need a graphics card that supports multiple monitors.
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    The reason I need a new computer is that the one I am using has problems handeling what I am doing with it now. I have upgraded it as far as it can go so my next alternative is to get a new computer.

    So is it best to get a multi-monitor graphics card or several seperate cards as I have read some people do?

    Thanks for all the input and ideas.
  7. Wowo, William that's a lot of hardware. I have a pentium celeron 500 that works great. I have 256 RAM, that is cheap to buy.

    It is windows 98 SE and above that supports multimonitor. Each monitor must have its own video card. Or you can get a nice dual head card for about $125 from

    Best Buy has had a nice Emachines system, Pentium 1.2 Celeron with 128 RAM and a 17" monitor for 389 after rebates. You can't beat that. Spend $50 and get more RAM to 256. Spend another $200 and get 2 more 17" screens. Spend another $100 and get two video cards to run the two monitors. It comes with Windows XP which supports multi monitor.

    Total: $750 after rebates

    You get: Pentium Celeron 1.2
    256K RAM
    3 17" monitors w/ video cards

    Not bad!

    One thing is for sure...
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    I just bought a dell and am happy with it. But they only provide grafix cards for dual display. Its My Understanding that separate video cards are alot cheaper than a single quad head. But it is best to use all the same grafix cards
    Thats what they do say is a little over 200meg to run each monitor.

    Do your self a big favor and read the hardware section on the elite trader board Its not a message board but just info on setting up a trading desk
  9. Find a local guy to build it for you. I have done that for years. Local guys will give you a better product, cheaper and will stand behind it.

    If I was buying a new machine now I would have my local guy build me a AMD dual processor 2.0 ghz with a TAPI 133 hard drive. I use matrox dual display cards. I would also have him install XP. I use Win 2000 now.

    If you need help finding a local guy. Call some a big company that is local and ask their IT guy if he knows of anyone that is reliable. Check this web site out too if you do not want to find a local person.

  10. Great idea re: have a guy build it for you. And the Matrox dual head video card is about $125. The quad heads are way too much.

    Processor strength is important.

    But the most important is...
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