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  1. I normally use moving averages(200 and 20 for 5 min),RSI,MACD and Volitility. I also use the S&P futures as a main indicator. I understand experience and patience is a main part of it. My success rate is about 50-60%, I have been trading for a couple months as an intern at a day trading company(trading equities) and I am looking for some newer/better strategies that can help my success rate.
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    chris1085, its e-minis (eg YM).
    The money is in the gyrations .. intraday.
    Start your journey. Study, research, data assembly, observation, analysis, establishing your trading model and paper trading play practice.

    As always its up to the individual to make or break himself in the trading game.
  3. Looking for specific tested stratgies, i have read books on the fundaments and on technical analysis. I am famailair with many indicators.
  4. better idea to trade stocks imo, much more forgivin' especially for a beginner...once u proven uself profitable u can switch to futs [i wouldn't anyways].

    es is da grim reaper in disguise, while santa makes da mkt in stocks.....da choice is yours
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    I'm looking for day trading strategies too. If you have any that work, pm them to me. Only the ones that make money though. If it's automated and you want to include the code too, I'd be ok with that.

    Thanks in advance...
  6. You have a 50-60% success rate.

    Instead of trying to improve your percentage via trying to learn a new strategy...

    Why not just learn how to improve your position size management to be able to increase your profits while maintaining the same strategy with the same success rate???

  7. Well, I am working on that. I am curious to see other day trading strategies though.
  8. Day Trading idea?.........learn to identify the "Noon Balloon" in the S&P and 10-Year note. You should make money with it atleast 3 or 4 days out of the week. Be very careful on that other day when it "explodes" in your face.
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    Anything else?

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