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    Self Employeed and it's DEAD, DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD, can't express how DEAD it is, so not really quitting more running away.

    Actually nearly 2 weeks wages this week up 14%, not even 2 days of actual trading.

    Up 300% on the year and not had a lot of time to trade until this week.

    So not totally, crazy and got cash coming in to keep me going for 3months to grow the account more to get to a good wage position.

    :) good week :)
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    WILD ride, not used to this kinda market action.

    I think I'll go totally nuts ( yes worse ), when I'm stuck here totally alone with no work at all, but sanity is over rated.
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    I was tempted to go long near the 9200, but I'm burnt out, time to take thy profits and not ruin my weekend.

    Getting over confident which always SLAP me silly!!
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    Off to the Gym, no 3G, no Wifi hopefully Lycra clad ladies :)

    Must resist, happy I didn't get in already, 9200 closing!!
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    Weekend, I'll be bored by tomorrow afternoon without the markets, but after this weeks madness I think I need to chill for a few days, away Monday to, so hope I can remember the plan come tuesday.

    My entire system is based around taking trend trades, but sadly mental block which needs sorting out, which means I'm carefully taking counter trend trades, but still higher risk and less pips so dumb really.

    To be fair, for 6weeks I've had ZERO trend days I've actually been able to trade, so need to adapt to trend days which is taking a while.

    Crack that and $2000 easy today, then if market stays this nut, money worries will soon be a thing of the past :)

    Had this issue for YEARS, will I ever crack it? I've tried a few times and been and most have actually failed due to pure random chance, which does not help with getting over the issue!!

    KEEP FORCING MYSELF, maybe drop the lot size small enough not to care for smart trades LOL madness!!

    Wish we had Zanax over here :)

    Good weekend all! don't spend all your profits on hookers :) just most!
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    As I had a good week and in the interest of increasing trading away from home, I got a phone upgrade to a Sony Z Ultra 6.4Inch water proof tough huge beasty, LG G2 and Nexus 7 3G being sold, still use the Ipad mini for around the house and at clients though.

    And my 4.3" screen for general use thankfully :)

    I think I made 15ticks in town the other day, due to the LG G2, hate being stuck in the house waiting for a setup to happen.
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    3G or maybe 4G signal allowing, I shall be trading of new phone at a theme park with the kids tomorrow, should help wind away those 20 - 30min cue's hey :)

    Good job new phone is water proof, checking all hatches are secure :)
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    Tricky today +8 so far, theme park and kids and feeling sick after the first ride likely not helping, but the directions seems vague and is moving a lot of pips when it does so SL killing and profit wise only of use if your watching full time :(

    But got new toy and a distraction from the cuts and kids
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