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  1. Turveyd


    Okay SL wasn't hit, hooorraaaaaaaa!! nearly took 2nd position, but it slipped away from me, likely end up being a smart move to wuss it :)

    Bounce, baby, Bounce, US30's got strength expect that'll pull DAX up wit it soon, US open in 3mins.

    Panicking, me well YES :)
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  2. Turveyd


    2nd pos, 28 and we are going the right way, this is un heard of since Wednesday afternoon, after a terrific 15 profit in a row, time to make up for it with 30 SL hits in a row to balance the universe.

    And we've stalled at +7 awesome, +7 seems to the be the most it'll get me to before laughing at me then heading.

    I'd like to thank my mommy for smoking and drinking all through my pregnancy for my stupidity, thanks mom!
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  3. Turveyd


    be prepared for smug mode!!
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  4. Turveyd


    US open, stopped run :( cancel smug mode !

    Prepare for crying !!
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  5. Turveyd


    smug mode back in play, take out 100ema baby stalled twice there so far!! GO to the moon!!
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  6. Turveyd


    Yeah, I'm the baby, I'm the MAN, I rock, I'm awesome, thanks Mom and Dad for dropping me repeatly on the head!1

    Although going higher, that's a nice chunk of change, not to sure how much yet, still in SMUG MODE!!!

    Well, my account is WOW that's a LOT of money :)

    +17 +20 = +37 yeah baby!! 1/2 a weeks wages, BANG!!!

    Definately think I should walk away and not ruin my weekend / lose it all LOL

    Smug mode OFF!!
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  7. Turveyd


    Tried a Short 9284, just hit +15 then reversed FAST, hit the EXIT button and out -2 pips so all fine, that's the way to do it.

    Wouldn't hit SL so sweet :)

    Ofcourse if I was still holding my previous long I'd be +100 more ticks ( 2 positions so ticks x 2 ofcourse )

    Account saw over 8K for 5 or 6 seconds LOL
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  8. Turveyd


    11.6% on the week and I'm reacting, rather than rabbit in the lights about to get squished.

    Most time I've had to actually trade, work is DEAD as, expecting next week Tuesday on, to be the same.

    If so got 3 months to get to wage level, easy!!

    $200 over wage this week :), Only traded Tuesday vaguely, Wednesday all day 9 positions, BE yesterday +20 today nice!!

    I want a bigger safety margin, so bigger account, bigger lot sizes, trading better, risking less before I risk the company totally.
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  9. Turveyd


    Another +6 and +10 ticks, phone went so to be honest I hit close to be safe and there is a downtrend bias on the 26 but 4 pips higher here already.

    +34 on the day, with a loser account at all time highs here and just broke the $8000's back, YES!! $1000 this week or very near!!

    It just needs huge balls, tad more patience and better to go long after a dip on the way up, less catch a falling knifey

    Only got to the 100ema before stalling so thanks phone call, I guess, but at BE here already area.

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  10. convexx


    So you made a week's wage and you're considering quitting your job. Sounds logical.
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