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    Today is a simple join 18 direction,take profit repeat, too tired and shit on my mind to demo trade.

    Watching BSG from the start episodes.
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    60SMA is valid some of the time, trick is learning not to be so focused, so back in to keep, but only use when valid.

    Market is starting to talk to me via the setup, so pretty imperitive to never change and just keep getting better at reading the market and playing the available setups.

    Mate survived the Op, just got 4 months of hell looking after here and instant menopause crazy as fuck for 3years to get through :(
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    Demo Day tomorrow, Account reduced to 20%, other 80% in savings account to put back when I'm Live profitable slowly. Back to $1 per point before I blow account then I'm fucked big time!!

    3 Month Count down to get to $2000+ per month profit and consistent.

    Then JOB Search, 3 months to get, so really can't screw this up, don't want a job!!
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  4. This was an exhausting read. Dude, you are lost in my opinion. But, what do I know?
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    Markets will do that to man, leave you more confused than any woman, well maybe.

    I think all is fine again, but time will see, hence my withdrawl and back to demo, to protect myself from myself :)
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  6. Turveyd


    Back on demo +120 here ( still on demo full amounts )

    Method too complex causing zero trades,. Need to keep this clean and simple to have a vague chance.


    Envelopes 7sma 0.02 and 0.07

    Micro managing losses is key.

    Setups, trade with 7s direction in the 0.02 range. Or if 7 flat outter range.

    If direction turns against me mid trade then i flip position in the 0.02 range, sl.out to 0.07

    Profit +220 played a range spike, turned up.

    My jinx only works on live trades.
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    So tasks while on demo.......

    1. Gain confidence
    2. Improve keeping losses small.
    3. My main bug bear flipping trade direction, kill HOPE!

    Slight tweak.

    Envelope 7sma 0.02 0.05 0.08

    0.02 main entry trend sl 0.05
    0.05 range entry area sl 0.08

    Plan is, low stress, low brain power, scalp small profits all day long, while keeping a tight SL and aiming to be out before SL so cheaper losses.

    Set auto SL to 8pts keep that simple.

    It'll be quick so single position.

    Was long flipped short BE, short +72.

    Demo calm needs translating to real calm.
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    Scalpy scalp scalp scalp :) fun fun fun :)

    Demo only, up over $1000 today, 80 here 120 there soon adds up nicely.

    Not playing well with YM i see, DAX then NQ great, greed and YM which is tricky to play was my issue.

    Beach day tomorrow, wednesday demo first few trades, then $1 per pt then ramp back to $10 when trading consistent, or back demo, refund, repeat!
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    First my old PC sounds like it's going to melt down, fan kicking it out, damn hot tonight, think I'll give it a rest and clean out fan tomorrow. Ah Utorrent 90% processor useage calming down :)

    My car, POS, MAF Sensor faulty new 1 £100 ouch, Air Control Flap Faulty Disabled, EGR Valve faulty, any 1 didn't fix, any 2 didn't fix, figured MAF, put other 2 back in play and still shit, all 3 had to go LOL but running nicely FINALLY 2 weeks of hell and £140 in total, still cheap car.
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    Method, YES BABY!!!!

    Simple major bonus, easy to follow rules.....

    1. Join Trend in 0.02% 7sma Range, SL 0.05
    2. Join Chop near 0.05% SL 0.08%
    3. Look for Clusters within to trade off.

    I was looking at the Env 6sma 0.02% and thinking, damn that's awesome on it's own, kinda out stripping the 18 Env, but doesn't work for all conditions, nears 18 rules to, so I added 1 extra range and nice results then the other and hang on, instantly demo scalping off it and making damn good repeat money.

    80% Demo win rate today, losses avg 1/2 the average profit aswell.

    Can I trade this Wednesday ?? hence Demo at first!!

    Limited back testing back about 1 year and yes, all looks pretty much the same, it's simple enough to maybe work in any conditions :)
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