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  1. Turveyd


    Girlie got gambly :( jumped on the DAX as it fell, made $1000 in minutes to be fair, then jumped on short again, gave it back and more :( -$900 area on the day ouchhhh!!!!

    No, walk away it'll turn and it did, then stalled just as going long, then I got back $250 then she gave that back argggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    She's never seen madness like this, it's gambling, hopefully she learned a very expensive lesson.
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  2. Turveyd


    The curse is getting in the way, girlie doing well, before trading bored loads of spare time, since trading, constantly running around doing crap for people and zero time spare.

    Stopped planning trade days as just end up sorting out other crappola!! :(
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    BORED method is working, but it's hard work, strong day it's a money maker, go chop and it's a nitemare ofcourse, so deleting and trying a simpler less timey perfection method.

    BB 14 1.0 and 2.0, I need something more hands off, place trade leave / monitor, rather than timing turns and watching full time.
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    Nearly doubled account in the last few days, getting some good runs FINALLY!!!

    Method I'm liking at the moment is.....

    BB 9 SMA 2.2
    MAE 18sma 0.04%

    Keeps me with the flow and highlights likely chop nicely, might be stuck on it FINALLY!!

    Mainly getting better at holding longer when it's going the right way and getting out quicker when it's going the wrong way, not waiting for a better price, ohhh it's worse and repeating is kinda key !!!
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    Need to quit my business, just made $118 in 8mins, why work for $40 per hour with all the hassles.

    VERY VERY CLOSE HERE!!! better stay frosty and not screw it up :)
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    +$240 on the day, haven't increased my sizes yet, using the 200:1 margin hence the double, double again before I start increasing, try to only use 50:1.

    Progress :)
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    Definately getting better, had a trade start to turn exited small loss, okay this time buying more then switching sides would of worked but hey, normally I hold it wayyyy to long.

    Just on the GU Short $15 per pt, took +$160 just before the news :)
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    Took GU long in $20 per near 1.3900, EU's turned up, GU's failing to follow annoyingly.

    Seen $100 profit, but these days I like to ride trends like a MAN, 30pts, $600 would be awesome and easily doable.

    SL 1.3897

    EU's uptrend failing, UJ turning up, not great news!!
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    Sucky, uptrend started got to +200, reversed, let it run to SL -$110.

    Jumped on the short as it broke down, reversed where I took the short, had to take a 50 hit on that to, as school run and unsure on direction.

    Ohhhhhhh GU selling hard, got to BE only really, no biggy!!

    -$120 on the day, not an issue, get it back laters !! :)
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    Too much shite going on in my life today, woman issues as per always :( arggghhhh!!!

    Method is looking sweet, it's really not changing, yesterday failed but only 2 trades, make it back 2x's on my good trade so not an issue really at all!! :)
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