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  1. Turveyd


    +9 off that down spike on DAX worried it would downtrend on me, 18 on the table.

    Slow as, but 11 profitable trades in a row, must be doing something right :)
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  2. Turveyd


    Doing a RARE entry for me, 1 I need to accept the risks on and do more of, but there be risks.

    Basically taking the pull back with trend on DAX Long 1.6665, 100ema close and supporting, SL under my 26sma based range at 55

    Theory being, should go back to 74 area, which will be a lower low before it tanks down lower, or ofcourse new highs are still possible if the uptrend holds, but going into US open and news soon, so risky past that point.

    I missed 2 entries with trend prior to this 1, which both did near 20pips.
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  3. Turveyd


    NOT liking this action, running away out +2

    Just in the knick of time aswell :)
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  4. Turveyd


    Got back in on my large phone in town 9653 just before the news ( risky I know ) got out +16 pips, which is wussing it it went 45 in that minute, just waited 30seconds longer doh!!

    Still +28 on the day, target is +60 but I accept it'll be a few more weeks before I start hitting the target, although holding a tad longer I'd of been CLOSE!! ( 30 average would more than do )
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  5. Turveyd


    Play the range, another 8 I'd mis calculated +34 currently on the day, over 1/2 way.

    +10 yesterday so 44pips this week, ZERO losers :)

    14 profits in a row!!

    Keep trading smart dude, keep it together!!

    Time to chill :-
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    Played the range on DAX and in, long and errrr nah chop long more, hang on, ohhhh tanking, more and more then more, saw -100 area on the pips and OMFG NOOOOO why have I done this again.

    Got out +17, but there was 2 losing positions so my winning streak is doomed.

    +51 on the day, 1/2 of my short term loss for a while ecccks!!

    News about Russion Sanctions, a random event who knew!!
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  7. :confused:

    That's all that's been in the news for weeks. Are you seriously surprised? I don't suggest one trade the news, but one should be aware of it.

    btw, been awhile since I traded the DAX, when did they switch from ticks to pips? lol
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  8. Turveyd


    Just didn't expect that move to keep going, my bad impatient on the entry looked like it was a simple drop and reverse like I've trade 100's of time without an issue, the odd 1 bites me on my ass sadly.

    Getting over confident with no losers in ages, bagged 2 losing positions :( despite net profit on it all!

    Going for a walk, that's close enough excitment in 1 day for me!!

    Wasn't time to put SL in, to protect me from a range break out!

    And I'm a Forex trader until recently, Ticks is it for index's, okay then.
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  9. bailed too early
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  10. Turveyd


    I do that a lot :)

    I saw the downtrend and the entry up there to, but I got out up, that's my luck for the year used up :)
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