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    Yes it gets rambly and random and weird at times, but it helps me, if you find it helpful / funny then read / join in, if not well you know what to do, simples hey :)

    DAX Trader, got quite a good little system, US30 occasionally when the mood takes me, all via FXCM so a Spot account, DAX is cheap on the spread so all fine.

    Hello all!!

    Piss taking, is allowed but trolls will be hunted down and killed very slowly!
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    Quick read, and I see this is more of a piss take site than BigMike's where traders use it to chill out inbetween trades, I should fit in just fine.

    Taking trading too seriously takes all the fun out of it and without fun, you'll never stick at it!
  3. now to walk to talk!:D
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    You trolling me boy ??

    Lets see how long before I get banned on this forum LOL
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  5. just tell the forum you are king and you don't need anybody opinion

    the flies will come to feast:cool:
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  6. don't speak so softly PIP UP!!
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    Good job I like to travel and murder isn't it, if there is a good pizza place near by to, then just perfect day!

    Murdering makes me hungry, don't judge me!

  8. Turveyd


    2 trades today, +5 each, 1st trade I should of held for more, 2nd was risky and counter trend so +5's about it really.

    10 profitable trades in a row :) all with tight SL's, none of that no SL BS we see a lot of I'll add. 100 profits in a row and account blown on the next trade doh!!
  9. Well done and welcome to ET.
    Don't worry here : the worst thing you will be suggested is to see a psy ( and any extra options).

    again well done. :D
  10. Turveyd


    A PSY ? Missing a U and an S ? There great if so, shame there management systems are all totally nuts.
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