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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tredar, Apr 23, 2009.

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    I traded bund bobl, stoxx, for 2 months and hate them to scalp, hate the range or the volumes. I like the dax. I recently tried ym and er2, also like.

    what other eurex products trade like ym/er2 besides Dax? or products in any session. if the bund didn't blip, stop printing, blip, stop printing, and just float 15 ticks one way on 100 contracts it wouldn't be so retarded, but i probably still wouldn't trade its range

    FYI, i'm not a fan of es or nq either, unless its a 30 pt range or something absurdly active.

    The 2 main things in any product I'm not a fan of are:

    1. if it spikes into a lvl, I don't care if it doesn't have any back and forth action, but I expect it to be at least printing the bid or offer. if its possible for a product to spike 30 percent of the range, then just stop print for 30 seconds...not gonna work.

    2. products that print like crazy, but the only 'spikes' are stops at a lvl or some kind of stupid economic release. I'm not exactly a fan of waiting all day for the 'good play' or fading a release on snp/stoxx/bund ect, no matter how big the spike is. Like if a normal intraday spike is considered 10 ticks in 10 seconds like eurostoxx, but it only happens 3-5 times a day, I don't like.

    any suggestions? I thought of oil, but i don't have member rates for that. I also don't have access to asian products, but would consider taking a look at some if the right product exists...i dunno how i would trade it since i'd have to leave my firm but i know a few that have an asian desk i guess....

    you might be wondering why the search. well when a stock goes dead, its fucked. take drys, ma, ice, ldk. a 1 1/2 ago, these things were ridiculous...massive range, and massive volume. now look at them....awful, except maybe ma. look at u.s treasuries. awful. So when a product goes dead, i don't wanna be in it. i dunno how they do it, but most everyone at my firm takes a position in all the products i mentioned i hated, and somehow make money sitting through pain. i don't like pain.