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    Hello fellow traders/investors. I've been playing around with some stocks scanners and back testing some strategies but cant seem to get very lucky. also to mention im still a beginer and still learning all the its and bits of the trading world. now im looking for some scanning strategies and could give me a wider variety of stocks... max price and such doesnt really matter. so if u guys have some strategies u wanna share please help out.

    thats what im talking about:



    happy trading
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    hmmm still playing with some filters and such but not getting any good results
  3. Try some Dr. Elder channel strategies in stockfetcher for long swings and position trades.

    Before you overoptimize into ablivion, run the srategy against indeces for correlation and discretionary points.

    I don't establish positions this way, but it was a feasible strategy when testing another system.

    Edit: Setup finviz for some additional fundamental analysis and effect with earnings etc.