Need some ISP/Connectivity Advice

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Lucrum, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Lucrum


    I'm in a hotel on their wireless network.
    TWS keeps getting disconnected even though I don't think I'm losing the internet connection.

    I got on IB's chat and spoke with Leon the clown. Nothing resolved in fact he simply disappeared and left me hanging.

    But anyway while on chat I noticed that my TWS wasn't getting disconnected. After terminating chat TWS disconnected. So I log on to IB's chat again and lo and behold I'm not losing my TWS connection any more.

    Leon thought the ISP's firewall may have an issue with TCP ports 4000/4001.

    I know we have a number of members here who know way more about this sort of thing than I ever will. Any thoughts or suggestions on how I might fix this issue? I'm in this hotel through Friday and had the same problem at the airport here in town this morning.

  2. Try it from the local coffee shop or library with free WiFi access. Good luck.
  3. TWS sends or receives heartbeat messages to/from the IB servers. If enough heartbeats are missed, it is my understanding that TWS will attempt to reconnect or failing that to relogin.

    If your wireless connection is not very good, then heatbeats will be missed with the "dropout" behavior you are seeing.

    You can see the missed heartbeats in the TWS log.

    No much you can do, except get a better wireless connection.

    If 4000/4001 were blocked at the firewall, then it would be an all or nothing situation - not dropout behavior.