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  1. All right guys and girls I need a little help. I’m trying to set up a home office but I have hit a few bumps which I thought you could help me out.

    -It seems that the different Data Vendors data feeds vary from company to company some are a little faster than others with updating there feeds. E.g. different price values at the during the same time period. I take this difference do to the lag in the data flow update. So my question is what data feed do you think supplies the most accurate picture of the market? Which feed supplies the best updated material? The reason for asking is I wondering should I move into an institutional feed instead of using a consumer data feeds e.g. and E-signal versus CQG. Just a Note: Do the different E-Signal data feeds supply a higher quality of a live up date feed from product to product (E-Signal, E-Signal Pro, Turbo Feed) or are they all the same quality. So I really don’t know which one to subscribe to. The problems I seem to have it that the feed like shows me a value lagging behind my broker’s thus I don’t get in at the price I would like or the fill. Does that make sense?

    -Second I’m tossing around using X-Trader over J-Trader for my order execution what are your thoughts on those two platforms?

    -And finally if I use X-Trader or J-Trader is there a way I can tie there data feed into my charting software like say Metastock so that the values on my chart would be the same as my brokerage house?

    Does this make of this? I would really appreciate your help and input on this.
  2. I use Esignal's data with Ensign and my broker is IB (Interactive Brokers).

    Having different sources for quotes is important to me in case one source goes down, which will happen no matter who you use.

    Alot can depend upon your physical location and your "route" to the internet.

    Most data providers have free trials of their software, I think you should check out the features that you require and decide which vendor's will fill your reqiurements and then try their products.

    good luck,

    Bruce Hawkins
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    No matter who you use, have at least TWO different real-time feeds. This allows you to check on one with the other and you have a backup if your primary goes down.

    Regarding who is best. To be honest, I've been watching the various feeds for the last 6 or 7 years and it seems that at some point or another, they ALL have trouble, just usually not all at once:
    I am familiar with all these being called the best, yet have had their serious down phases:
    S&P Comstock
    Track Data