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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by JustDave, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. JustDave


    This is my first post here so be gentle :)

    I am going to order my system very soon and would like to your input on several things:

    1) Single CPU (P4 2.5Ghz vs. AMD XP2100) VS. Dual CPUs (XEON 2.2 GHz vs. Athlon MP 2100)

    Are there any advantages with a dual system, with WinXP Pro?
    Will it help having dual CPUs for 4-17" monitors?

    2) Monitors: what do you think of the following:
    Viewsonic VX700, Viewsonic VG171, Philips 170B2T, or EIZO L465??

    Good response times - high contrast - and digital inputs are a must.

    My setup will be:

    Win XP Pro
    Single or Dual CPU
    4 Monitors (Four of any of the above!!)
    Matrox 200MMS Quad w/ TV Tuner
    3 WD Caviar Special Edition Drives
    (Drive 1 - Operating System, Drive 2 - Trading Platform - RealTick, and Drive 3 for backups)
    SONY DVD-Writer
    1.1 Mbit SDSL line

    Thanks for any and all comments!!!


  2. What do I think of your monitor selection? I think it stinks! Haven't you heard by now that I am selling my 4 flat screens?

    I am only kidding, well kind of.

  3. JustDave



    Yes I did see that you were selling yours, but I wanted digital monitors :)

    Plus - I am going to get everything at cost with an arrangement I made with a company I am sharing office space with :D

  4. Fast and simple answer.
    1) You don't **need** a dual-cpu setup. You'll have plenty of reserve power with a single one and the config you've described. If it's for trading, you could have a PIII or an Athlon 700MHZ and be fine. Get 512meg of memory on any config and you'll have plenty.

    2) Dual-cpu's configurations introduce new and sometimes serious bugs (or I should rather say bring these existing bugs to light) that do not exist in single-cpu's configuration. This is because many software packages (OS's and others) are not thoroughly tested (or not tested at all) with multiple-cpu's configurations. Your OS may have been tested, but not necessarily your applications.

  5. I was only kidding. I have an offer from a guy in California and possibly someone interested locally.

    I am confused though, my monitors are 18.1 LCDs and have both analog and digital hookups. Maybe I don't understand your "but I wanted digital" comment because I am not a "computer guy" per se, but my stuff is top of the line for its size. Its an NEC/Mitsubishi product, and they are as good as it gets.
  6. JustDave


    Sarasota - I wasn't knocking your monitors...I just thought those Mitsubishis were only analog? My bad!

    And I agree that NEC/Mitsubishi products are good! I have an NEC LCD 1700M - which is only analog, but very nice.

    Well, glad to see you are getting your sold.

    I am still trying to decide between a few other monitors myself.

    Take care!
  7. It's okay; I knew you weren't knocking them at all, but as I said "I am not a computer jockey" so I was confused. No big deal, have a great weekend and good luck with your trading.
  8. By the way Dave, I am crrently running two machines, both of them are Pentium 4, 1.8 Ghz, 1024 of RAM,18 GB SCSI drives, and Appian Rushmore Video cards running on Windows XP.

    You don't have to have the two processors, just like I don't need the 1024 of RAM or the SCSI drives.

    Just a thought.
  9. JustDave


    Yeah - I tend to go overboard when I build my machines!!

    Thanks and have a great weekend ;-)