Need some input for a small retail account

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Old School, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Situation:

    I want to open a small retail trading account. About $5k-$15k

    This is not for daytrading. Short term trades not classified as day trades. Equities and equity options.


    Good charting
    Time and Sales
    Stable platform
    Direct access
    Decent comms - cheapest not necc.
    IRA account avail. (if I like the firm and want to also transfer my ira)
    Financially stable firm.
    If they have a stock screener built in - that's a plus.
    Decent Customer Service
    Order desk in case system goes down.

    I'm looking at IB, Cybertrader, Speedtrader...
    I'd like to hear from anyone willing to suggest a firm.

    Sorry for another broker request thread, but I am new to ET and hope I can get a "new guy" break. :D

    Open to all...
  2. 2006


    IB + Ensign. That's all you need to know.

    Now go kick some ass like the old days.
  3. StreamlineTrade

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    Oddly enough I'm looking to set up another account for stocks, ETF's, options.

    I'd be interested in some one other than IB as I believe customer service is necessary at times (eg platform or internet goes down), and also that the guys not at the top of the ladder like IB will be more competitive and aggressive in making customers happy in order to improve their standing.


  4. At IB, their $10/month fee is a 2.4%/year loss on a 5K account ...