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    Hi all.

    I'm a foreign trader with 3.5 years of experience. The first 2.5 years were very hard but I persisted and in the last year I had a return of almost 100% in my account and a drawdown around 10%.

    But my account is small and I cannot live off it without damaging the compounding I need. So I though maybe a prop firm could be interested in someone like me but I'm not really sure if thats true and to be honest I don´t know much about prop firms.

    Can anyone help me understand if prop firms are looking for someone in my situation and what kind of deal could I expect?

    any help is appreciated
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    I'm also curious about this, can anyone please give an answer?
  3. Sure, Many prop firms are interested. Do you have a series 7 license? Do you have $10k to put up as a deposit? If so, you are in business.

    Reply if you want more info.

  4. Gueco


    I live in Europe, do I need the series 7 to trade for a prop firm ? Is it expensive?

    Why do you need the 10k ?

  5. there are some prop firms that accept remote traders, Bright for ex. has some traders in Europe. That is the only firm I heard about that I would take seriously . There is Echo if they do that, not sure about them. Avoid local outfits , probably scams. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get a US visa for trading in a prop shop.
  6. Gueco


    Thanks for your help.

    Would I still need the series 7 if I traded remotely from Europe?
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