Need some help with XP Pro Settings

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  1. To anyone who can help:

    I have a laptop with XP Pro on it.

    recently my router went out.

    So, my only other option at the time was to punch in
    all of the DSL IP numbers; subnet, gateway, etc...

    The connection works fine at home.

    However, now, when I go to Kinkos or say an internet cafe
    that has a DSL or Cable hookup, I have to set all those numbers
    back to default in order to use the Internet service at these remote sites.

    I thought I could simply create another Broadband Connection in the Network setting window and I'd be fine. Just choosing whichever one I needed depending on location.

    I can't seem to get this accomplished. I feel I'm missing something easy.

    Does someone on the board know how to do this?

    I just hung up on Tech. support, after 20minutes of them typing crap into their computer and telling me to hold on while they get the info, only finally they tell me Oh! you need to call this number, they're smarter than us and they should be able to help you with this terribly difficult highly Technical issue you are dealing with......

    gimme a break!

    Pls Help.

  2. First, even with your router out, verify whether your DSL modem has it's own built-in DHCP capability (many DSL and cable modems do). If it does, just reset your computer to use DHCP, plug the modem into your network adapter or LAN hub, and you should be good where ever you go.

    If it doesn't have a DHCP server built-in, then you either have to just go out and buy a new router (which frankly is THE cheap and quick solution to your problem), or accept manually reconfiguring your IP settings when you're home, or try configuring a second hardware configuration profile via the Control Panel - you should be able to configure your network adapter seperately for each HW profile if you do that.

    Have to say though that I have personally never bothered configuring two profiles. Did have a router die on me though once and I just popped out to Circuit City and got a new one ($70 less $50 rebate) to replace it - back up in about an hour and cost a whole lot less than the time to futz with it over any protracted time period.

    Good luck.
  3. nitro


    1) Go to a dos prompt
    2) type ipconfig ?

    See if you can figure it out.