Need some help with a Hoadley's function

Discussion in 'Options' started by thenewguy, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Can anyone out there help? It's with the implied volatility function from Hoadleys. Basically, it's working great on all puts, but when I switch to calls it only shows values for OTM options. The rest come up with the error code "9999". It is American binomial and the option price is not less than the intrinsic value....


    - The New Guy
  2. Choad


    Is your interest rate set to a proper number?

    Uninitialized values like that might mess up the calcs maybe?
  3. Quite possibly, but I would imagine that it would affect puts as well, no? I can try playing around with it... it's set to .04112 currently.


    The New Guy

    EDIT: LOL, perfect.... a %40 risk free rate was not giving me the iv's I expected for some reason.... ;)