Need some help to improve english UI

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TrailingStop3, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I need some help to clarify and improve the English UI of my trading software. Since I’m German and can only use my school-English the localized version of my software is not that good (so is my web-site). So I’m looking for some native English speaking traders who can help me to improve and clarify my application.
    So anyone who has some time left and also likes to have a look at new (home-made) trading software is welcome.

    Best regards and good trades to all,
  2. Is this a clever attempt to get visitors without sounding like you are attempting to get visitors? Very crafty...
  3. If you visit the website you will see that he is being very honest about needing help with colloquial English.
  4. I just ask the admin to delete my message with the link. So if some would help, please send me a PM.

    Anyway it would not make any sense for me to get more visitors and cause more traffic at my site. The software is free and I do not have any advertisements on the page. In the end I would only have to pay more fees to my provider for the additional traffic – nothing else.