Need Some Help! Need Stocks That Move Slow!

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by calhawk01, May 17, 2013.

  1. Hi, I need some ideas on developing a screener that will help me compile stocks that move slow. They can be volatile but not have lots of velocity. They can have huge daily ranges, but should not move extremely quick. They also need to be highly liquid

    Example of NOT what i'm looking for: AAPL, GOOG

    Example of what I'm looking for:


    Any ideas?
  2. mark_mm


    How can a slow moving stock have huge daily ranges? The opposite is true. Ditto for volatility.
  3. Try any of the DOW 30 components
  4. eurusdzn


    SHW, BLK, may be what you are referring to. SP500 and SP100 are huge bins
    To find those that meet your characteristics.
    Why screen? Look through the 100 or 500 once a week consistently and chose your
    stocks to trade. Group sp100/500 into its major sector components and know performance of each.
    A screener never once helped me to trade. It was always something else lacking...
    But that is just me.
  5. Not really, look at XLF
  6. Thx, will go through all of them over the weekend. Those do look like what I am looking for. Small sized candles
  7. Those two are no good lol, lots of choppy trading. I need smooth trading, slow trading, lots of volume. Look at AA, AXP XLF

    Screener gets to the point, saves time, Can update it monthly easily

    Screen idea:

    small deviation between the average 1 min bar of each high/low candle for months?
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