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    For the last few hours, I've been reading as many prop firm threads as I can on here but I still have not found what I am looking for...(at least not yet).
    From reading so far, what I have gathered is that there are two types of prop firms:
    1)One type is firms such as GS, where its the firm's capital that you trade.
    2) The other is where you put money down and get leverage.
    Is this understanding correct?

    Based on my understanding:
    -Are there any prop firms that allow you to trade emini futures remotely by putting down your own risk capital? So far, the firms discussed on here seem to be for equities. Not much info on futures.

    In the meantime, I will keep looking.

  2. Interactive Brokers?
  3. vectors101

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    in terms of trading, futures and stocks are the same.

  4. vectors101

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    futures is move leverage and much riskier than stocks.

    stops are must in futures...those broker/market makers make sure you are stop out if they on the others side of the trade.

  5. but it wudnt be nice to trade futures rather than trading equties where u can get a good market study of overall sectors

    say u playing in sectors rather than a particular company
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    all i care about is making money i don't care about studying the market.

    i know the market is a game bullshit game...

  7. thts good as u wanna make a lot of money but be aware of the market only big players make big money but lower players are only to support them