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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Lem Cacho, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Lem Cacho

    Lem Cacho


    I'm a business journalist working with Trombly Ltd, a news bureau based in Shanghai, China. I'm currently writing an article about online trading. The idea of the article is to provide first-time traders with information which PC hardware is commonly used by more experienced traders. Can anyone help me with the following:

    -back up power system - what is out there in the market - cost?
    -security issue (esp. if one is using a wireless laptop)
    -instructions to set up 2 monitors (most active traders use more than one
    -other trading station - computer compatibility issues

    I'd highly appreciate your help.

    Many thanks.
  2. Try doing a search in the Hardware Forum. There is a ton of great information in there and it is the sole reason why I continue to frequent this website.

    By the way, most traders are trading with atleast 2 gigs of RAM on Intel's latest Duo-Core and Quad-Core microprocessors.

    Most are still using Windows XP because Vista has far too many "bugs", isn't always compatible for remote traders using VPN-SSL networking software and is a huge resource hog on memory.

    Good Luck.
  3. Lem Cacho

    Lem Cacho

    Thanks so much for this info. This is very helpful.

    I'll do as you've advised and I'll check out hardware forums.


  4. Yeah, hardware forums are full on and answer many of your questions.

    Holy shit, your asking here, when your corp supposedly does

  5. Lem Cacho

    Lem Cacho

    Thanks. I seem not to understand the last portion of your post. What do you mean by "your corp is supposedly to do so"?
  6. Oh, I just figured a company that handles "foreign bureaus" of emerging markets etc, including computers, that you could just ask around the office , but I overlooked the journalism basis of the business.

    This thread covers many specs and setups, also search for posts by "gnome", resident guru.
  7. Lem Cacho

    Lem Cacho


    Thank you very much for this useful information. You don't know how much I appreciate this.

    In fact, there are some forum members who are not so friendly (even too sarcastic, to some extent). You, on the other hand, are so kind and I'm in deep gratitude for you going out of your way.

    Is it possible to interview you if I have additional questions or clarifications? I can send you a list of questions if it's alright with you and I'll cite you in the article as one of my expert sources.

    Again, many thanks!