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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by candela04, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. candela04


    Hi everyone, does anyone have tried forex autopilot by Marcus Leary, it claims 96% accuracy.

  2. Brincka


    Just starting , purchased yesterday and set up was in fact straight forward.....perhaps I'll have some feedback in short happy to share more as it develops ...
  3. candela04


    Thanks Brincka, with all the crap that is out there I'd like to know if they are good before I waste my money. Please let me know how it performs.
    Good trading
  4. Brincka


    Agree I've spent years and thousands looking for the answer, not sure why I thnk this is the one just yet lol....hope im not asking for the refund after I give it a decent demo, just setting it up on my pc and laptop both doesnt seem to be protected so that concerns are they keeping it from being shared? not sure when and where it wil take a trade so ill keep you posted... you can im me on yahoo or of course email direct to talk about things.......regards........Robert

    yes i know i just invited every tom dick and harry to IM me thats fine enjoy talking about trading
  5. Brincka


    Tuesday April 8th 2008

    6 winners in a row- might have caught it just right but who knows! do have a rather large open trade that is in the red BUT since there are no stops I trust software is simply waiting for it to turn........ :confused:
  6. Any update on how it is going?

    Would be very interested to follow this thread.


  7. lindq


    There's a sucker born every minute.
  8. Brincka


    So far since 4-3-08 its about 21 trades without a loss, agree 96% accuracy sounds silly but I've spoken to several folks using and most are pleased, who knows? I'm not selling it so have nothing to gain by hyping it.....
  9. How i it going Brincka? This was your last post....are u still trading? :confused: