Need some feedback, pretty rare stuff i found today ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by laghman81, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. laghman81


    Hey everyone, just need some feedback from you incase someone else know something more about this.

    Was trolling true the internett and came across this guy who is having this paltalk room where he teaches his trading method and helps new traders out. And he does this for free, so i was alittle intriged, as most people wants something in return. The room seems to be public and open to everyone.

    Been there for 1 week and he is giving out some nice calls, and seems legit, just wondering if there is anyone else on this forum that have been there longer then me? Not sure if this week was just a fluke and good for him, or if he is consistantly good? He dont seem to be taking many traders pr day, most i have seen him take is around 5 trades pr day, and rest of the time he just talks rubbish about everyting else and answers questions.

    Kinda weird, but it looks like he is talking to someone else that are not in the room ,cause he sometimes talks about just everyday chit chatter while waiting for trades, seems like a special character LOL

    Dide some searches on this name and dident find anything scary, he seems to be very active on another forum and helps people out with and shares his method.The method seems very simple, but very reliable, sometimes it feels to simple.

    Would really love to hear from anyone who got some more time spend in the room ,as i dont want to waste my time for nothing, even though its free, time is money right lol ??????

    His name is bashir naimy incase that joggs anyones memorie?
    If you search the name in google a site he have also appears, where he blogs and have everything writen down.

    Thanks for the help guys
  2. Eight


    I think he collects info on people and then murders them for insurance, something like that, I forget the exact details...

    Oh wait, no, he's the guy that spams all the trading sites......
  3. pspr


    Thanks for the spam (errrr, heads up), bashir. Let us know how your chat room works out for you.
  4. if your trading room is as bad as your spelling and as obvious as your spam, then well...
  5. wow, that's crap spam on a site that's full of it.

    Full of it, get it?
  6. I made 20 million trading that guys calls.

    Now I have to find another


  7. He posts on trade2win.

    You might want to look at his posts there and peoples reactions to them and him.

    Perhaps you might get a better picture.