Need some beta testers for new trading site

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by j0b0123, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. j0b0123


    I am in need of 10-20 beta testers to do some final testing on a new trading site.

    The site allows users to watch signals from many automated trading systems in real time and sim trade them if they wish.

    It also allows developers a simple method to broadcast their trading system through the site to gain followers and subscribers.

    I need help testing all the functions for a final bug check and would appreciate any constructive criticism supplied to make the site better.

    If you are a trader or system developer I would appreciate a bit of help in a final test of the site.

    If interested in helping out, message me here and I will give you the url of the site.
  2. This site will make millions!!!

    Therefore, I need at least $2,000 to be a beta tester

    I will not work for FREE, that would be worse than slave labor

    A few thousand should be nothing to a company
  3. j0b0123


    Ha ha yep.

    Sorry to say the beta does not pay :(

    But it does not cost anything either (well, except a bit of your time if you have it).
  4. zanek


    Is the site ?

    If so, that site is pretty awesome ! I've been using it to backtest the EUR/USD and Emini for a while.

    Good stuff
  5. j0b0123


    No - but that site looks pretty interesting, never heard of it before. will have to check it out.

    I believe that anyone who creates a system with that method could broadcast through my site to the world as long as their javascript allows API calls.

    I am not posting the URL in the thread because I am not trying to promote the site, just get some help with final testing. I will give the url to anyone who PM me.
  6. Collective2 knockoff??
  7. j0b0123


    Not really, but in the same area as they are in.

    We are aiming to take it to the next level by simplifying the user interface to something that is easy to understand and follow for everyone, while making it more useful and powerful than anything else out there.

    Users are never in the dark as to what a strategy is doing - they can see the info (buy,sell, fills, cancels etc) which scrolls live on the site. Switching systems happens with the click of a mouse.

    Systems that trade multiple symbols (such as nasdaq 100 systems, basket trading systems) allow users to choose which symbols to create a portfolio out of based on live trading stats and only get signals on those symbols they wish to see in their portfolio (if you want to have fun with it). Or you can just enable all and let it run - its up to the user.

    You can mouse over a symbol live and see the trading stats instantly for that system and symbol which allows traders to make a decision as to whether to follow that signal or not.

    There is a lot more to it than this, we are at phase I of the build out process.

    The site was finished about 5 weeks ago, the developer part (allowing outside developers to add systems automatically) about 10 days ago.