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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Oadmani, May 6, 2022.

  1. Oadmani


    Thank goodness there is no overnight trading here.
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  2. %%
    OK, Oadmani,;
    actually i meant from yesterdays close to todays open price \allow for 50%loss in single stocks.
    Even though most gaps will profit/ help happen in direction of main [200day] trend.
    I seldom trade extended hours/mostly regular hours=8;30-3:00 central time in USA.:caution::caution:
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  3. Oadmani


    7.5 percent rule applies here. There is a lock and a stock can move only 7.5 percent up or down in a day here.
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  4. %%
    Maybe a good idea;
    except on the occasional days [we see]with a >7.5% move.[USA]
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  5. MarkBrown


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  6. smallfil


    For one thing, chances are good, you are risking every penny you have which is dumb on all counts. You should risk no more than 2% on any given trade yet, you have 77 stocks? You are probably, risking every cent on all your positions. Also, the Turtle Trading system is a trend following system. Hard to believe you have not been stopped out at all? Chances are good, you are doing a buy and hold on top of the Turtle Trading System. Any profitable trading system should take small losses most times and huge gains, several multiples of your losses. That is the only way, you will come out ahead. Your drawdowns looks abnormally high too. And trading using a simulator is not the same as actually, trading the stockmarket with monies on the line. You should be placing real trades using small amounts say $100 each trade. If you can show a profit after say 300-500 trades, you might have something. If not, you can see first hand, how flawed your trading system is. A trading journal of all your trades is a must too. Otherwise, you will never see all your trading mistakes to avoid in the future.
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  7. You mentioned that you ran a backtest over the last 10 years. Did you use the same limitation (leverage limitation max 3:1, thus limited in number of open positions) also in this backtest?
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  8. danielc1


    The basis of the turtle system was to catch a trend across different commodity. I think with 77 stocks, you have a very high correlation. They are all stocks.

    Also, you are leaving a very big part out of the turtle system and that is that if you have a winner you ad quickly more position. To make it worthwhile you should have access to an underlying with leverage, such as the future market is designed.
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  9. Oadmani


    No, I didn't. The system took all the signals.
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  10. In that case you cannot compare your real results with the backtest results. You have backtested something which is completely different from real limitations.
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