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  1. I'm currently looking for a prop trading firm in Boca Raton, FL to start with as a newbie. I've been told the big three in the area are Schonfeld, WorldCo & Generic. Schonfeld is not taking in trainees but WorldCo and Generic will take me on and sponsor & train me. I need some opinions on the training programs and reputations of both firms please. I've found a lot of info on WorldCo in this forum but little on Generic, are they that much smaller or just a lot newer and unknown? What's a good starting deal for a newbie and how hard is it to change the terms once I get some experience and turn profitable? Thanks.
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    you want to find more about should checkout worldco in boca...they have a good rep
  3. Visit both firms.

    Talk to traders in the office.

    Ask the manager to show you the P&L screen for the office.

    Talk to traders in the office.

    Ask to sit in one day, and do nothing but watch.

    Do traders talk to each other? Are the friendly to you? Does the manager introduce you?

    This is the best way to choose a firm, you will know the vibe real quick.

    Good luck!!!!