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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by novvv, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. novvv


    Hello everybody,
    I need charting software!!!
    I need a program which could show me how the market is moving in real time and I`d like to be free, because I`m not making money from the trading (i`m a trainee).
    The program @ my office is very buggy and it`s not reliable so ... HELP PLS!!! :confused:
  2. abqtrader


    you can get ninja trader simulator for free.
  3. novvv


    got link?!

    p.s. i`m wondering if this program can show me the s&p components, and can I add some studies like simple moving average bolinger and so on...
  4. The point is to find a free source for the quotes – if you have that, you can search for a free chart-program.
    The only free source know is opentick ( – but I read somewhere in the board that they do not allow new accounts ;(
  5. What is the datafeed used at your office?

    Are you allowed to install 3rd party software on the office computer?
  6. simsim67


    you can try jTWScharts for Interactive Brokers (google it).
  7. nkhoi

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    I can't enter user name, the field was blocked or something.
  8. novvv


    No I`m not allowed to install anything, if I want to use a program I must use it through USB
  9. Try quant station, it supports http proxy so you could draw chart with minutes data pulled from yahoo