...Need software to feed TradeStation with Esignal datafeed... Any opinions?

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  1. Vas62


    I have same setup(TS2000 + E-Signal) and load all history(whatever I need) data from TS's Historybank.com.
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    Chuck_T eSignal

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  4. just21


    I'm confused! What is the difference between Uniserver (is this the esignal software?) and On demand server? thanks for any explanation.
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  5. i don`t see UniServer product anywhere, seems its name now: eSignalPlugin for TS2000i.

    OnDemand and eSignalPlugin for TS2000i seem to look similar, but their work differs fundamentally. When you're using OnDemand, your GlobalServer is practically idle and the chart is based on data directly from the Internet. I.e. with OnDemand TradeStation 2000i works like TradeStation 6, just receiving data from eSignal. As to eSignalPlugin for TS2000i, this is a replacement for HistoryBank because it allows to download history data from eSignal directly into the GlobalServer. eSignalPlugin for TS2000i downloads data into the GlobalServer
    and OnDemand Server doesn't work with GlobalServer at all.
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  6. just21


    Do they both allow intraday history to be imported into tradestation? Which is the best solution? thanks
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  7. fabrizio



    You now got the state of the art for what you looking for.

    If you follow this link:


    You'll be directed to the forum in esignalcentral and will be able to download the new ACTIVEX PLUG IN that allow you to download in a flash with a 10 min config. all the historical and RT data from 1990 from ESIGNAL to TTRADE STATION.

    It is fantastically easy and works perfectlly with huge amount of data ( I downloaded more tha 3.5 Million data in 2 1/2 hrs. with NO REJECTED data at all)

    After that from global server you launch TS and everithing is there from tick by tick up.......

    It is really fantastic. Still in Beta worth to be a TRY anyway

    BY THE WAY....IS FREE !!!!!and does exactly the same things that UNISERVER DOES!!!!!!!! Probably better

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    How do you buy ts2000i now? There used to be a website at ts2000i.com but it has disappeared.
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