...Need software to feed TradeStation with Esignal datafeed... Any opinions?

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  1. If this is what you're asking - as I recall, Dynastore has software that will feed the eSignal datafeed into TS.
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  2. @newesttrader

    All the newer software have the feature that you can receive the historical intra day data from eSignal or QCharts on your computer. It will be stored and you can use it for your testing.
    It is strange that you need to buy additional software for such a standard "service".
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  3. maxpi


    Sure, the best costs a little more, try to buy a Mercedes for the price of a VW. Try to enjoy that VW by pretending it's a Ferrari!!

    I saw your endless off-topic posts to the Omega-list regarding Wealth Lab. I haven't seen your name there for awhile, did they cut off your subscription?

    I see the many, many lines of code necessary to do the simplest things in Wealth Lab, I see that my code is brief, concise, and it always does just what I want it to do, I see that the future is going to be Easy Language because TRAD is going to make money as a brokerage and put it back into the software development, meanwhile WL and all the other "next Tradestations" are going to struggle along, marginally able to invest in R&D, working endless hours in the hope of making a big profit some day, patching things and adding new features until you have an unworkable mess and have to start over most likely.

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  5. MaxPi

    I will not start that kind of discussion here and I hope you are not here to start it too? The level on this forum has been good so far, so why changing it? Anyway, not everyone is the same and I am happy for you if TS is just perfect for you. But to give you and some other open minded people an idea of what to expect from WL in future you might want to read this: http://www.wealth-lab.com/cgi-bin/WealthLab.DLL/getpage?page=wrapup/current.htm or just watch some of the pictures. The strength of WL has been back testing intr day strategies and portfolio level back testing with money management, which is more used by professionals or private investors who know how important diversification is. As you can see the new version is made to simplify the use. As I said before, if you are happy with your BMW (TS) then I am happy for you. :)

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    For everybody's information, Volker is like a Jack in the Box (not the restaurant), you say the word Tradestation and he launches into an advertisement for Wealth Lab, he does it on discussion lists devoted entirely to Tradestation even!! Over and over, like saturation advertising on television. And he will try to claim the moral high ground eventually, saying that somebody was impolitely attacking him.

    Volker, if you can side track novice traders into your software, and they provide liquidity so I can profit, fine, otherwise you are just another spammer, and I'm not the first one to tell you that publicly.

    If you want to talk about Wealth Lab you should help the guy at



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  7. Max.

    For your information, I was not only referring to a specific software product but to the newer once where most of them are able to provide that feature. So if you read my posting correctly I did NOT even mention a name of a sngle software company, so your criticism has no ground and is based on asumptions.
    1. I am not sure why you suddenly come on this forum to be impolite? People with style and dignity who want to extend their horizon are here. Nice people. If people can not argue about facts then they get personal, this is a well known fact.
    2. Anyway, besides your personal criticism, were you kind enough to follow the link to get an objective impression? 3. What do you think about it? 4. Don't you think that it is good that there is competition out there? Thanks for making the effort and pointing out one user that is having problems with eSignal data and WL. I am sure that this problem can be solved.

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  8. [I'm looking at Uniserver, it looks like the answer, realtime and history, transparent operation, future version should automatically fill gaps in data]

    Could anyone tell me when this second version of UniServer will be released ?

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  9. Sometime around New Year the second version of UniServer is due out. The program will include such features as: Automatic search and filling of gaps, Incoming data filtering capabilities and Downloading the data from a ASCII files directly direct into GlobalServer. Hope those additional features will be useful to our customers. The new version of UniServer will be sold along with the old one, but for a higher price. All users of UniServer will get UniServer2 completely free, so anybody planning to buy the program, consider doing it now.

    TS Support UniServer Team
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  10. ntfs


    TS Support,

    You said "Automatic search and filling of gaps, Incoming data filtering capabilities and Downloading the data from a ASCII files directly direct into GlobalServer."

    At the moment, your software only support E-Signal. Are you saying the next version will support other rt venders such as Q-Charts? Also, will it perform this in real time without any other utility?


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