...Need software to feed TradeStation with Esignal datafeed... Any opinions?

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  1. hello

    i`m novice trader, i need to feed ts2000i with esignal data (both RT and history)

    does anybody know about such kinda software ?

  2. What are you trying to find out??!! Check Esignal.com .
  3. >> What are you trying to find out??!! Check Esignal.com

    thanks, i`ve checked Esignal`s website (their 3rd party software), i think DynaStore and Uniserver softwae is the stuff i need.

    BUT ! ! ! : what is better software ? uniserver or dynastore. what should i use ? what is your opininons ? i think many traders use them ...? so i wanna clear up what should i buy.

    i don`t want to buy both :) ...
  4. I think what Mercury77 meant is really that

    Isn't ts2000i directly and officially supporting (or supported by) eSignal?

    OnDemand Server from traders-soft.com may be the solution you want if you don't want to keep eSignal/TS2000i connected 24/5 to collect and maintain the data.

    If you track only US markets, TS6 may be the way to go, it saves you a lot of data maintenence headache.

    And since you are a 'newbie' to ts2000i, another solution is to ask yourself: do you really want ts4/2000i/6/7...?
  5. you wrote: << Isn't ts2000i directly and officially supporting (or supported by) eSignal?

    i know that ts2000 is supported by esignal BUT FYI this is ONLY for RT data, not for HISTORY data ! ! ! :mad:

    and FOR history data i need (as far as i can understand) Dynastore or UniServer software.

    and my question IS: WHICH of them IS BETTER ? ? ?
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  7. Hi newesttrader!

    For historical data try www.tickdata.com they have a great database. You will have to pay for the data but it´s very good and clean data.
  8. >> tickdata

    thanks for advise but i `d like to pay for 1 data vendor not for 2. so the esignal seems to be the best choice for me.

    seems like it load data directly into tradestation chart not into glohalserver so i will not be able to test anything without being connected to esignal. so i need either unisever or dynastore.

    i wonder if nobody here used both these products ???
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    I used On Demand Server, it loads data into the charts and won't work with RadarScreen, I used the quote.com version. Software from Traders-Soft is very good, he gets it working before he releases it. I'm looking at Uniserver, it looks like the answer, realtime and history, transparent operation, future version should automatically fill gaps in data. It don't get better than that for what I'm doing. You can do things with that setup that you can't do with TS6.

    I'm looking at Dyna Order too, it will automate orders to Interactive Brokers from a variety of software packages, just came out of the Beta stage, new versions are coming out every week, it should stabilize pretty soon.

    Esignal has high quality first tier data and they will soon have one year of intraday and in a year will have two years' worth.

    Tickdata? Other software? On Demand Server? Why?

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