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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Iron Butterfly, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'm searching for a software that has all of the following features (my broker is IB):

    -Trading by chart. I would like to program the software in the way that I only have to click on my protective stop price level in the chart and the software then automatically executes a market order with the right quantity, considering my nominal initial risk for calculating the right quantity. It is a little bit tough to explain, I hope you get the idea.

    -Screening own chart patterns

    -Screening/Charting for european securities (e.g. Eurex futures, european stocks)

    Ninja Trader and Multicharts are nice for trading by the chart, but I believe they do not contain useful screeners!? is almost perfect for screening, but wether I can trade by the chart nor do they contain european securities.

    Amibroker seems to be the best by now, but the software is kinda complex. Is there anything else out there for me?

    Maybe I have to use two different softwares, one for screening and one for trading by the chart? Which combinations do you guys use?

    I appreciate your help.
  2. TC2000 is only for US stocks. You want to go beyond that, right?

    I think you are a Tradestation case:) You don't sound to me up to programming platforms like Amibroker and Ninja.
  3. Tradestation is good, but too expensive. Same with eSignal 11, I really love this software, but its expensive.

    I guess I have to go with one software for screening and another one for trade execution by chart.

    Because I have no knowledge of programming, TC2000 screening worked best for me so far. Is there any screening software that is as easy to use as TC2000 and also has the opportunity to screen european markets? Which screening software in general do you guys use? Again, I do not search for a simple screener like, oder, but one that allows me to search for complex candlestick patterns in the markets.

    And what software do you guys use for trading by chart, and why?

    Thanks so much.
  4. Hi Iron. What do you mean by complex candlestick patterns? If you are looking for OHLC complex price patterns then maybe you want to take a look at price action lab. Google for it. It has a scanner that can do any number of names in EOD mode and it will tell you historical win rate, number of trades, etc. and also write code for you if you want to use it in some other program like Tradestation. I think the scan version is now sold separately. Imo price patterns are similar to candlesticks but involve many more possibilities.
  5. Thanks for the response, I actually meant price patterns.

    I came to the conclusion that I will go either with Tradestation or with eSignal. Has anyone compared these two products in terms of chart trading and screening and can give my some advice which one is more potent?
    I heard a couple of times that eSignal is laggy and Tradestation might be better with data feed. How true is this?

    I appreciate your help.