need size? auto-quoting up to 100mio on all majors

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  1. there u go! (the 100mio auto-quote ref is on my paper e-forex mag jan 2006 edition, p.10..., sorry cldn't be bothered to scan it)

    anybody using this baby? any provider topping that (IB whats ya limit again? :))) )? deutsche autobahn fx perhaps?
  2. Interesting... mentions FX options, too.

    Too bad it's not an ECN. They note they are a liquidity provider to 4 different ECNs.

    Size is nice, but "precision pricing", i.e., an extra decimal place, is something Oanda has always offered as "pipettes" on some pairs. Not convinced of any benefits there. Whether it's useful here would depend on exactly how it's implemented.

    Incidentally, Barclays is the official price feed for Collective2. To quote from one system vendor there:


    EUR/GBP : 2-3 pips downside quote lag between most brokers and C2.
    That mean that if there is a signal to BUY @0.6800, you should buy @0.6802.
    And if there is a SELL signal @0.6800, you should sell @0,6802 as well."
  3. 100 million per click online ?
  4. yep

    whats unique here is BARX will fill u up to 100mio on their ESP quoted prices, instead of u getting filled in chunks of 5-10-20 tickets on an ECN, with prices moving against you most probably for that sort of size
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    I haven't seen Barcs system yet but I assume they are doing tiered pricing like Deutsche has just rolled out. Basically you get a different price depending on the amount you want. 100 mio is impressive, the most you can do on Deutsche is 20 I believe. Of course it is irrelevant to me since I haven't had the impetus to turn a trade for more than 10 mio in several years.
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    Its not really believable any bank would offer an automated facility to customers and potentially find themselves long/short 500/600 million or more on a moments notice in a gapping market.

    Unless of course the current management has a deep desire to lose their jobs.
  7. am sure they do what they need to do in fast mkts / around figures etc, not to worry

    the offer is unlike that of deutsche, its auto-quoting up to 100 mio, not tiered, otherwise who needs BARX, i can do that right now on hotspot and 5 other ecns... the spread on the ad - just an ad, i know, but still, they can't play silly in these sort of mags - was 5 pips (or about, because of the pipettes stuff...) on eurusd 100 mio, 1-click

    am off for a beer... cheers guys
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    good information , thanks 2 cents

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    That's what I meant. On the new Deutsche platform, you get a different spread for different amounts, all autoquoted. If you put in 20 mio you get 1 spread, if you put in 1 mio you get a different spread. I bet Barclays aren't autoquoting 5 pips for every amount.
    Enjoy your beer:)
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    For clarification, Hotspot clearly states on their website, albeit in the fine print, they are the counter party to all trades.

    Thus, to state they are a true ECN is incorrect.

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