need site for old intraday charts

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by silk, May 4, 2003.

  1. silk


    Still trying to figure out where i can get intraday charts going back to last year.

    There has been a big change in the way things are happening on the nyse this year vs. last.

    It seems that there are far fewer 30 minute bars that have a 25 cent or greater range than last year. This phenomena makes it very tough to day trade. I want to pull up some intra day charts from last year and see if this is really true.

    I'm talking NYSE stocks in the $30-60 range.
  2. wouldn't your charting software display historical intraday charts?
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  4. silk-

    Not sure where you can get historical intra-day. When I used Realtick a few years ago, I thik they had a feature where you could put in any date(s) and get intraday stuff. but i forget...

    this may be of interest too...2yr of S&P 's Avg True Range...maybe we're do to get bigger ranges soon...who knows
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