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    Need Help.

    I am looking for software that will provide me the ability to go some arbitrary point in time, truncate the chart to that point, and them step forward, one bar at a time (weekly, daily, 15min, whatever). I need the program to let me cycle through different time frames while maintaining the date and/or time on the chart (I have had the experience with eSignal for instance that will let me start at an arbitrary date and step forward, but if I change time frames, it just redraws the entire chart up the present date and time), or allow me to open several charts with different time periods, link them, and have them step forward together. The purpose of this is to help train my brain to see chart patterns and setup/exits form bar by bar without having to scroll the charts one bar at a time from the right of the screen. Scrolling the charts doesn’t really help with you have to change time frames anyway. I generally just need to be able to draw trendlines and maybe pitchforks, and perhaps a few of the more common indicators. Does anyone out there use software that has this feature, or know of a program that does?

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    You can check out NinjaTrader. Learn about our Market Replay feature here -
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    NinjaRay, is there a place where I can download market sessions that are pre-recorded?
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    Not with our current NT 6.5 production version. We will provide downloadable market replay files with our upcoming NT7 version later this year.