Need Roomates/Traders in Chicago!!!

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by ES Master, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Hello Nathan(Es Master) here. I and Mark need Roomates/Traders to come and join the team here in the Norwood area of Chicago!

    Very large and clean 4 story house with granite countertops, newly remodeled bathrooms and hardwood floors just 3-4 minute walk to the Metra train station that leads right to the CBOT front door!

    We plan on installing a multi screen setup in the very well lit(and large) basement. Your choice of your own private room(1 with master bath). Great views and plenty of parking in nice clean cut neighborhood.

    For phone #, pictures of the house and more details click this link./

    Thanks for looking and here is to a very protitable 2008!

  2. cold


    sounds good I could move in

    I just wonder if you would still be interested even though I have extensive security measures, where even TEMPEST spying is impossible

    and encryption bits are in the thousands, above 60 000, multiple keys, non-HD based encryption

    STILL interested ???????

    now that you know you can't get shit from me
  3. you are one of the strangest characters to pass through the doors of EliteTrader. Did you use to room with the Unabomber?
  4. cold


    so learn from me, that is why I am here
  5. If I were older and weren't a year from graduating, I would hit you up on this soo fast.
  6. Better check this guy out.

    Don't think you want a roommate to "Show you Wang"
  7. moondog


    your craigs list ad is really funny. picture of you with one leg up looks so dumb
  8. moondog


    i had to post again because i am showing all of my friends your dumb ad. you need 2 girls for your attic? wow are you a weirdo