Need Replacement to Quotracker (QT)

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mlaps, Mar 7, 2012.

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    My apologies ahead of time for a potentially redundant post. I know many people haved moved from QT over the past several years.

    I am one of the holdouts. TDAmeritrade tells me that QT will be cancelled after March. I have used this since 2000 and have absolutely loved it.

    Can someone please tell me of a similar solution?

    QT is so simple with their setup, datafeeds and trading capability. Their charting has fallen behind in the last few years due to lack of updates. The best part is that it has been so cheap to use over the years.

    Since I have no choice but to use something new, could I please have a few recommendations?

    I must have real-time quotes, news, LII and charts. I assume I can easily plug that into any new platform through linking my TDAmeritrade accounts.

    Thank you so much for your responses.
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    You can plug NinjaTrader into your TDA account for free.
  3. i agree with above poster. ninjatrader is clunky and a resource hog. try thinkorswim platform. it's a worthy replacement to QT.
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  5. The Marketfeed provider DataCode Inc has software that they call WorldWatch SSL, but looks exactly like QT!

    I assume it will still be supported. Only works with Marketfeed realtime quote service, but looks to allow trading with TDA and others.
  6. Would you post a web address for WorldWatch SSL.