Need Recommendations for Prop Firms

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by feng456, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. feng456


    Can anybody recommend any prop firms for someone who has 2 years of net positive experience trading intraday ES to continue trading the ES intraday? I am in Canada but willing to move. Also with little and no deposit would be needed.

  2. RLuu


    Hey most of the firms I know of require a contribution of some sort I think its pretty standard across the industry.
  3. Brokers require deposits... unfortunately many of them call themselves prop firms.

    Google First NY Securities and peer companies in NY. There are a lot of good options trading firms in Chicago too.

    You will need strong quantitative skills because discretionary equities trading is too random and mainly noise = you will churn your account and alpha will be the result of high risk (averaging losers) or plain luck.
  4. Orbixa has a futures desk at their Toronto location, not sure about other offices.