Need Reccom. for New Software

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by oneway, Mar 26, 2002.

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  2. nitro - any of the Qfeed-based programs only need the QCharts datafeed to run.

    For example, I'm using the Trade Prospector realtime program ( and only need a QCharts Basic subscription to run it.
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    Wealth Lab is great...and Dion is very helpful. He is the owner head programmer. He took time over the weekend to help me get going over the Easter Weekend...

    I am very pleased with Wealth Lab.....

    Thanks for all of the suggestions....

    And I wonder why I took Pascal as a night class while swinging a hammer 6 years ago....LOL

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    Nitro Wrote:

    From what I can tell, this requires QFeed. I went to the lycos website and it looks like they are no longer accepting QFeed subscribers.

    My understanding is that they are no longer accepting subscriptions for their QFeed [SDK] devolopers program. I use Qcharts feed by having a basic subscription and use it in other well as use their EXCEL Qlink Active-X plug in.
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    Got it.


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