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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by oneway, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. oneway


    Help anyone,

    I have been intraday trading off of Raven/Qcharts...

    I have been making heaploads more corn swing trading and playing computer games...with a heck of lot less stress. Just got to play larger sizes.

    I want a software platform that can rip on backtesting with a robust language underneath it.

    Ideally it would work off of my qfeed...and I sure as heck don't want to pay for TS at 800 clams a month.

    Can someone reccomend a killer software that ideally would use VB for scripts...that can backtest data...

    Thanks in ADVANCE!

  2. trade station is free for a few trades a month.
  3. pellaz


    I just opened an account with TS.

    They have apparently lowered minimums recently, since some of the propaganda incorrectly states minimums at $50k.

    Minimum to open acct. is $30k.

    Tradestation platform is free if you complete 20 trades per month.

    Fees are 14.95 for first 99 trades up to 5k shares.
    After 99, trades are $9.95.
    Plus ECN fees (.005share for most)

    Note also that another member has posted a macro to connect to IB.
  4. oneway


    I dont want an account...i have brokers...I just want a robust back testing platform that in an ideal world will take VB script...though not entirely necessary

    any other suggestions?
  5. Try NeoTicker - that takes VBScript. I don't have any experience with it but the developer (Lawrence Chan) keeps making incremental improvements to the software (and pops in here from time to time - user name Lawrence Chan). I think you can buy the EOD for 30 or 50 dollars which would be better than doing a demo as it wouldn't be time limited. Only thing with that is that there is no live data for it but you could try out the scripting language. (I think)
  6. chuv


    Try Stockwatch pro from

    Works off QCharts data feed, has backtesting, you can write formulas for TA. I used Raven/QCharts before, so I got a hang of SWP in a few days since it has a similar interface.
  7. H2O



    I've great success with FibonacciTrader (Robert Krausz)
    It has about all options you can imagine.
    Great customer support.
    You can even write your own indicators using VB

    If you need more info, mail me.
  8. nitro



    Have you seen Their scripting language is very similar to Pascal. If you program, picking it up is a piece of cake.

  9. nkhoi


    second that, I think it is good value for the money $39/m.
  10. nitro


    From what I can tell, this requires QFeed. I went to the lycos website and it looks like they are no longer accepting QFeed subscribers.

    How do people use this today?

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