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  1. Can any of the data feed services provide the raw stock data that is used to make up their stock charts? I need to export the daily raw price data into MatLab or Excel for analysis. And I don't mean Open, High, Low, Close -- I mean, literally, every price tick for the given time frame.
  2. Uni


  3. Uni


  4. OK.... WHO has the fastest feeds???

    Im using Realtick as a datafeed, seems pretty fast.

    Who is faster??? Anyone?

    Im shopping around.


  5. Thank you for the links, but I'm afraid the services that do provide 1-min tick data -- such as -- charge prohibitive fees.

    I need single-day or intra-day 1-min tick data for for several dozen stocks. I can't afford to pay $18 a pop for this info.

    I'm wondering if there's a hack to get the data. My two brokerages, TS and Scottrade, already provide me with 1-min charts as does any decent broker. I simply want that information in numerical form, not graphical. I want the raw data that my broker uses to generate the 1-min charts, so that I can do quantitative analysis. There's gotta be a way...
  6. IQfeed and Realtick both have apis for this.

    Realtick was better in the past.

    Need current info! Anyone?

    Who has the fastest api based realtime datafeed????


  7. Although I have not ordered the tick data from this data collector, I have downloaded the eod data for various commodities, indicies, financial futures. From what I can tell, these guys are the cheapest and might have what you are looking for:

    "Tick Data Futures" $279.99

    S&P500 Futures since 1982
    Dow Jones Futures since 1998
    Nasdaq 100 Futures since 1998
    Thirty Year Bond Futures since 1978
    Mini S&P Futures since 1998
    MIni Nasdaq 100 Futures since 1998

    sounds like a good deal to me...
  8. oops, I see you want stock data, not futures data. It looks like they have that as well.
  9. Vulture: It looks like may work out at an affordable price. Thank you for this link.
  10. I should have stated that I need historical 1-min tick data for 1-day time frames of certain dates. Do IQfeed and RealTick provide historical 1-min data, or just real-time?

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