need quant system developer in London

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  1. prophet


    My partner and I are seeking an aggressive software engineer with experience in C and C#, quantitative trading systems, algorithms, databases, and efficient code. We believe this is a rare opportunity for anyone passionate about efficient testing and deployment of quantitative trading systems.

    Both of us have several years experience developing and deploying quantitative trading systems. We are passionate about uncovering market inefficiencies, efficient system testing and data mining multi-terabyte data sets. We are both excellent engineers and programmers, specializing in C, C#, Matlab, linear algebra, optimization problems, AI methods and signal processing. We also bring significant trading capital, profitable systems, excellent computational resources and sophisticated market data (historical order book, multi-level depth, etc).

    We are seeking someone with similar skills and passions as our own. We require someone already in London or who is prepared to move to London. We unfortunately cannot support telecommuters at this time. Compensation is negotiable based on skills.

    PM me for details.